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Deniliquin Boat Club - Deniliquin



Welcoming visitors and residents, the Deniliquin Boat Club has its own clubhouse downstream of the town which provide a base for social functions, boating and water skiing.

November until April, you can join in the family fun with the community at Deniliquin Boat Club’s afternoon ski schools.

The club runs $3 ski sessions Fridays 5-8pm and $5 advanced ski sessions Wednesdays from 5-8.30pm. Each ski is about 10 minutes, and all the equipment needed is provided by the club. Kids and adults can learn in baby steps using a sea horse to help learn to stand. There's also a barbeque on and a pool plus tons of kids around playing with each other.

If you'd like to try a single ski, trick skis or wakeboarding, you can download the boat club's app to pick a time slot on Wednesday afternoon. Visitors can attend three ski sessions as a non-member of the club.

Learning to ski is easier on the Edward River which doesn’t have the same fast current as the Murray, so parents don't have to worry about the current whisking young kids away downstream.

The club's facilities also include club room hire, private boat ramp and beach access.