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16 Feb 2019 TO 17 Feb 2019


Ski Racing Victoria hold events throughout Victoria. Five of the Point Score Series will be held in the Gannawarra. A catch up of day 1 of the Point Score 2 postponed in October will be held on Lake Charm. The Sunday will be a Junior Development Day, young interested skiers are envcouraged to attend. A further 2 events at Lake Charm in March and April 2019.

A ski race team consists of a boat driver, an observer and a skier. The driver controls the boat towing the skier, adjusting to the water conditions and the skier. The observer's ability to read the skier and the signals contributes to the drivers decisions. The success is very much a team effort.
You're welcome to watch the excitement and buzz of water ski racing from the Lake Charm foreshore. Refreshments and food available.

Vic Titles Point Score 3, Lake Charm 8 & 9 December, 2018

Point Score 4, Lake Charm, 23 & 24 March, 2019

Point Score 5, Lake Charm, 6 & 7 April, 2019

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