Murray River Road

Nyah and Nyah West

The small towns of Nyah (nearer the Murray River on the highway) and the slightly larger Nyah West (on the train line) support the region’s fresh fruit, vegetable, wool and wine growers.

The main street of Nyah West is a snapshot of early and mid-20th century architecture, with gorgeous single-story facades framing the everyday businesses of the town. Look out for Dollton Abbey – a Doll Museum with more than 2000 preloved and new dolls. It’s all a far cry from the 1890s when the area was first established as a socialist utopia!

Day-trippers on the Murray River Road can make the most of this unspoilt slice of Aussie bush, with walking, running and cycling tracks crisscrossing the Nyah Vinifera State Forest, inviting a day of exploration and relaxation. As you move through the area, keep an eye out for signs of the long history of Aboriginal communities in this region, including canoe trees and middens.

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