Murray River Road

Yarrawonga and Mulwala

These twin towns straddle the Victoria–NSW border on the banks of Lake Mulwala. The lake was purpose-built for fun (oh, and irrigation) by damming the Murray at Yarrawonga Weir in 1939. The dam has made this the perfect watersports stopover: Sunset dinner cruises, boat hire, fishing trips, paddleboarding and the rest.

Fun fact: This was the first place in Australia that waterskiing really took off. A local named Bert Foster came home from a trip to Florida in the 1950s with a passion for the new sport. Lake Mulwala remains a major waterskiing destination. Maybe you owe it to Bert to give it a try?

It’s fun to hire bikes (or BYO) and cycle along the lakeside track in Mulwala. There are plenty of gorgeous native birds to spot, and heaps of grassy areas to set up a picnic.

The other big drawcard here is the golf. You don’t have to be a pro to get a kick out of the stunning course layouts – plenty of lake views to compensate for the water traps. Lessons are available, so why not give it a go – it’s all hits and no misses at the local courses.

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