Murray River Road
Car driving along the tree-lined driveway of All Saints Winery during Autumn

Seasons & Senses

There’s something to be said about the fresh country air – and no it’s not “smells like cow dung out here”.

When you’re cruising along the Murray River Road you won’t know where to look. The landscapes on this journey are epic and inspiring. Mountains? Yup. Deserts? You betcha! Bushland? Obvs. What about miles and miles of just flat nothingness? We’ve got that too in the form of big open plains. Don’t fret though, plains might sound a tad boring now but this is where you’ll be spotting the emus, kangaroos and iconic birds of prey so there’s still plenty to do!

If you still reckon you need more adrenaline in your day don’t forget that you’re driving along Australia’s longest (and probably best) river. This means wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing, slalom skiing, barefooting and, well, you know the rest. There is also a middle ground in there somewhere between cruising along the great open road and speeding across the top of the water and it comes in the form of SUPing, canoeing, kayaking or just plain old swimming!

A journey along the Murray River Road will simply hit different.

Cactus farmer amongst his prized plants at Cactus Country

Agri-Tourism and Produce

Murray River Road fresh means grabbing the best produce straight from the farmers market, farmgate store or roadside stall if not from the farms themselves.

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Young man admiring the sunset over Mungo National Park


Unique plants, iconic animals and unforgettable scenery will keep you company at every twist and turn along the Murray River Road.

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Young couple canoeing in flooded wetlands at sunrise

Water-based activities

It's the Murray River Road - obviously there's water-based fun to be had. It comes in both the thrilling and chill variety to suit your adrenaline needs.

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