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Five Senses Alive

When it’s time to return – maybe a year later, maybe too many years to count – camping is about something else. It’s about senses and sensations. It’s the memories, recalled once again…

It’s about the touch: The coolness as you gently enter the water for the first time; the warmth of the campfire, first on your face, then on your back as you turn to warm up on a crisp autumn evening.

The taste: Campfire toast – so much toast! Tea, noodles, then cheese and biscuits after dinner.

The sights: The early-morning glare as the tent unzips or you step out of the caravan; the river looking so quiet and glassy, the sparkles from the sun jumping across the ripples. Later, it’s the sparks from the campfire as another log is carefully placed on the embers, and the mob of kangaroos on the other side of the river.

The sounds, too: Splashing, laughter, noisy cockatoos and the steam from the kettle. Then the quiet night, after everyone’s gone to bed, with just the breeze in the trees.

But mostly it’s the smells that we remember: That fresh air that smells like nothing and everything all at once; the campfire smoke, especially on those days when it always seems to blow in your direction… Sausages on the hotplate, gum leaves, dust, sand and water.

Easy and Free

Camping by the river is an ideal way to create new memories and rediscover old ones. In the Sun Country on the Murray – from Yarrawonga to Barmah, through the towns of Cobram, Barooga, Bundalong, Tocumwal, and at sandy river beaches right along this famous stretch – there are beautiful places to pitch a tent or park your van and settle in.

Awaken your senses and create new family memories that will last forever with an unforgettable Murray River camping trip.

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Contact our Visitor Information Centres for advice on camping spots to suit your interests.