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Golf Experiences in the Sun Country

The senses of golf

Dawn breaks, as usual, with a glorious sunrise. Dew glimmers and steams off the first fairway as the rays hit. And not long after … swoosh WHACK … the lucky first person has teed off for an early morning round. The sound of catch-up chatter and high-spirited rivalry carries across the course as more and more people – solo players, regular groups and long-time friends catching up after a while – arrive at the course.

Later in the day, as the sun begins heading home, the glory of these beautifully-manicured courses is rivalled only by the native wildlife, which also – like us – has gathered around the course to bounce, eat, chirp, watch and play. The scent of eucalypt is in the air, and the competition continues.

This is golf in the Sun Country on the Murray. A place blessed with an abundance of nature, welcoming small towns and villages, and more golf courses than anyone could manage in a single long weekend.

An abundance of opportunity

Even local golfers are occasionally surprised at the range of golfing experiences on offer here in the Sun Country. Here’s our impressive golf course list, featuring 216 unique holes to conquer:

From 36-hole championship courses designed by golfing legends through to 9-hole village courses with sand greens and no water hazards, the courses of the Sun Country allow keen golfers to enjoy the full range of Australian golf courses in one place.

Get ready to play

Suck in the air. Loosen your shoulders.

Prepare yourself to tee off as you face down a pristine watered fairway on a par-4 hole. Slight hook to the right. Bunker deep on the left. Choose you weapon.

Hold still. Look at the target.

Golfers know that the game – on the surface – is a competition between people, and that – deep down – it’s a contest against yourself. Here in the Sun Country, the easiest thing to do is clear your mind. Away from jobs and commitments, this is recreation at its most glorious.

Head down. Watch the ball.

Relaxed, and surrounded by fresh air and big skies, this is a place where golf becomes pure pleasure. Simple, fun and challenging all at once.

Steady back-swing. Ready…