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Sun Country Quiz

While we wait patiently for the world to return to normal, there’s time to stop and dream about your first post-lockdown getaway. The Sun Country on the Murray offers escapes to nature like no other, with wide open spaces combined with creature comforts.

Explore this website to find all of the answers to our fun quiz. Good luck!

Question 1
The first Europeans to see the Murray were explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell. Before it was named the Murray, what did Hume originally name the river?
Learn more river history at our Visitor Information Centres.

Question 2
The Cumberoona, Paradise Queen and Sienna Daisy offer cruises on Lake Mulwala. Which one is an old-fashioned paddlesteamer?
Find out more about cruising on Lake Mulwala

Question 3
The Cobram Lions Log Cabin Market is held on which Saturday of every month?
Check out our region’s farmers markets and download a brochure with more details

Question 4
Red Gum Walk, Wetland Walk and the Young Red Gum Trail Link are features of Kinnairds Wetland, on the eastern edge of which Sun Country town?
Find out more about the wetlands and other fabulous places to walk and cycle

Question 5
Which town, located on the Newell Highway, was originally known as Murray Hut until 1893?
Read up on the charming village of Finley

Question 6
Ski Beach, Wattle Tree Beach and Paradise Beach are all near which town?

  • a) Tocumwal
  • b) Yarrawonga Mulwala
  • c) Cobram Barooga

Along the river, there are lots of beaches to look forward to visiting

Question 7
What type of animal is featured on the silos at Tungamah, part of the North East Silo Art Trail ?
Check out other stunning artworks on the silo trail

Question 8
What iconic fibreglass fish would you find in a riverside park in Tocumwal?
There’s lots more on offer in beautiful Tocumwal

Question 9
Which Victorian national park makes up part of the world’s largest stand of River Red Gums in the world?

Question 10

Where am I?
Identify this lovely Sun Country location using the clues below. The sooner you get the answer, the more points you get!

  1. 1. I’m a small riverside community on the Victorian side of the border. [10 points]
  2. 2. I attract boating enthusiasts, canoeists, photographers and birdwatchers. [9 points]
  3. 3. I’m a quiet, friendly township with a cafe, tavern, caravan park and service station. [8 points]
  4. 4. Due to my location, sunsets (not sunrises) over the water are especially impressive all year round. [7 points]
  5. 5. You can stay in cabins at caravan parks and rental holiday houses, and there’s a motel not far out of town. [6 points]
  6. 6. Elegant Riesling, robust reds and time-honoured fortifieds are found just east of town at Warrabilla Wines. [5 points]
  7. 7. The Ovens and Murray Rivers meet here, and they open up to Lake Mulwala at the town’s northern edge. [4 points]
  8. 8. I boast boat ramps and birdlife between Bathumi and Brimin … I begin with a B too! [3 points]
  9. 9. I’m an easy 15 minutes’ drive east of Yarrawonga. [2 points]
  10. 10. My name starts with Bund and has three syllables. I am… [1 point]

Click Here For Quiz Answers