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Fauna Gallery

Sun Country has many animals to see throughout the region. We have some easy to access places to visit to spot some of our treasured fauna.
Check out the following hot spots to see our native animals.

Kingfisher Bird Robert Pyne Website
Black Swan Keith Ward
Cockatoo Bird Robert Pyne
Kookaburra close up landscape
Owl Bird Robert Pyne Website
Blue Wren Bird Robert Pyne website

We have hundreds of bird species in Sun Country, and many places to see them.

Bird Watching Places

Kangaroos jpeg
Moira Shire 2018 Koalas at Thompsons Beach MS84688

We are blessed with many healthy Colony's of Koalas and Mobs of Kangaroos. Sometimes you can even have a Koala walk right passed you at Thompson's Beach in Cobram.
Check out other great places to spot our fury friends.
Koalas and Kangaroo Places

Lizard BFHEC
Wombat BFHEC
Turtle BFHEC
Murray Cod BFHEC

Native Animal Floor Mural

A great way to understand the environment our native animals live in, is to see them painted in 3D at the Barmah Centre in Nathalia.
Perfect for the kids to spot the 15 unique animals using mobile phones to view and capture images of them patting the animals.

Murray River 3D Floor Mural