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History and Heritage

Our region is rich in history and heritage with natural formations such as Cadells Fault in Barmah, our inland beach in Cobram, Thompsons Beach and the largest stand of river red gums to some spectacular man made feats. Our forefathers paved the way for us through human ingenuity including the Yarrawonga Weir and Lake Mulwala, irrigation channels, railways and town infrastructure.

Our region has strong family histories with stations and homesteads dotted throughout our farming lands, including Byramine Homestead located East of Cobram. Built in 1842 by explorer Hamilton Hume for his sister-in-law and her nine children after her husband was killed by bushrangers. Take a tour of the impressive National Trust house, including its unique fortress room, and the surrounding gardens, notable for their historic elm trees. You can have Devonshire tea and there is a brewery and cider house in the grounds.