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North East Art Trail

Follow the North East Art Trail

Follow the North East Art Trail

The North East Art Trail is one of the most popular drive tours in the Sun Country on the Murray and Benalla regions. Spend a day stopping in at quaint country villages, and grab a coffee or a counter meal at one the hotels. Along the trail, take photos of the astonishing, larger-than-life artworks to share with your friends and family. The artworks depict a wide variety of subject matter, reflecting the regions, and the interests of each individual artist.

Not all the artworks are on silos. Dotted through the regions are other murals like the Gooroombat church painting 'Sophia'. And the Winton Wonderland Water Tank. For a painting with a difference, check out the 3D floor mural at the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre in Nathalia.

Gooroombat Silo Owl
Goorambat Silo Owl News


The Goorambat community is very proud to have Jimmy Dvate’s artwork adorn the silos.

Jimmy is passionate about conservation and is particularly keen to highlight the plight of endangered species.

The Barking Owl is the most threatened owl in Victoria with Northeast Victoria a remaining stronghold for wild populations.

Goorambat Silo Art



‘Sophia’ came into being during the 2017 Wall to Wall Festival.

Artist Adnate created this stunning mural to depict the female aspect of the Holy Spirit.

Sophia by nature is wise, nurturing, comforting, inspirational and ever present as ever.

Sophia Church Mural

Devenish Silo


This artwork, by artist Cam Scale, is a tribute to the men and women of the Devenish community who have enlisted in military service.

The GrainCorp Devenish silos have long been a symbol of the prosperity of local grain production.

That they now depict an aspect of military service provided by the community is a fitting link between the two.

Devenish Silo Art

St James Silos


Painted by artist Tim Bowtell, the silos depict a mural of Sir George Coles, the founder of Coles supermarkets who was a local to the St James township.

The silo bunkers at St James were built in 1943, with bushels of wheat originally delivered to the site via horse and cart; a motif that is displayed in the artwork.

St James Silo Art

Kookaburra and Jabaru Painted silo


Western Australian street artist Sobrane Simcock was commissioned to paint the privately owned Tungamah Silos in 2018.

This was the first silo to be painted in north-east Victoria, beginning this Silo Art Trail. Sobrane was the first Australian female silo artist.

Tungamah Silo Art

Winton 2
Winton Wetlands Tank


This stunning visual tribute was created during the 2016 Wall to Wall Festival by renowned street artist Guide Van Helten.

The commission saw Guido incorporate portraits of three local volunteers, Colin Hooke from Chesney Vale Fire Brigade, Robert Green of Taminick Fire Brigade and Danielle Spokes of Winton Fire Brigade.

D Mural barmah Centre
Wombat 3 D Muray Barmah Cenrte
3d Artworks

3D Interactive Floor Mural

Melbourne based chalk artist Ulla Taylor hand painted the floor of the Barmah Forest Centre over a two week period.

Her paintings are interactive and appear to jump up out of the floor when taking photos. There are fifteen different animals to find that depict the native fauna of the Barmah Forest.

Barmah Heritage Centre