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Nature & Wildlife

The Gannawarra is a cultural landscape and has been home to the Barapa Barapa people for thousands of years. The living culture is evident by the many scar trees and middens that are scattered around the rivers, lakes and forests.

Today the Gannawarra is a major drawcard for birdwatchers, kayakers and bushwalkers, who thrill at the natural beauty of the landscape, and the native birds and animals. You’ll see iconic sea eagles and brolgas in the wetlands and forest environments teeming with wildlife. Shy wallabies, brown snakes and goannas, rakali, platypus and long-necked turtles sunning themselves on a semi submerged log. The area is often called Victoria’s Kakadu.

Gannawarra is a changing landscape from the riverine plains to the sandy rises of the Mallee. It is a land of contrasts with droughts and floods having shaped the local environment. The many wetlands are flushed with birdlife during floods as the landscapes come alive.

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