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Outdoor Adventure

The natural environment offers many opportunities for nature based activities. Whether its a forest walk at a gentle pace, or the high-octane excitement of water ski racing, the Gannawarra delivers.

The Adventure Tourism market is growing. Kayak, mountain bike or hike from Cohuna to Koondrook via the Gunbower Forest. You can choose from a range of forest camps to break your adventure or join in with the industry professionals for a designated kayak tour amongst the flooded lagoons of the Gunbower forest. More adventure products are expected to come on line soon.

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors, into the forest and discover the carpet of wildflowers on your chosen walking trail. Maybe capture an instagram image as the wildlife wakes from slumber and greets a new day. #thegannawarra

Walking tracks or the Canoe Trail on Gunbower Island are a great place to start. Perhaps a self-drive CD tour of Gunbower Forest. The Spences Bridge Forest Drive takes you on an interesting history and heritage drive including some of the significant wetlands of the forest.

Need assistance to plan your next ride, paddle or walk? Call into the Gateway to Gannawarra Visitor Centre in Cohuna for some advice on your next adventure!