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You Canoe - Watersport Hire

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You Canoe is a watersport hire business based at Kerang in the north western lakes area of Victoria, hiring out Canoes, Kayaks and Paddleboards for half day (four hours) or full day (eight hours). With access to seven local lakes, rivers and creeks, it's great for paddling.

You Canoe will deliver and collect from your location within 50 kilometres of Kerang Victoria, included in the hire price. Please check with us first when booking for Gunbower Island, other than the Canoe Trail.

Bookings are via the website or by phone, it's that easy.

Come and enjoying social distancing at it's best and we will throw in the serenity free.


  • Carpark
  • Family Friendly
  • Pet Friendly - Enquire


  • COVID Clean Practicing Business
  • Visitor Information Centre