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Mildura Houseboats

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Mildura Houseboats have one of the largest fleet of houseboats on the Murray River in Mildura. They give a Senior's discount to eligible card holders at time of booking. The local airport makes Mildura Houseboats easily accessible from all capital cities. Mildura has a great selection of food and wine, including the renowned Stefano's restaurant featured in the television series "A Gondola on the Murray", and award winning The Spanish Grill. There is a beautiful wide stretch of river with easy boarding from flat, lawned areas, cruising along 100 kilometres of river, past restaurants, golf courses, wildlife sanctuaries, bushwalking areas and wineries. Centrally located near town, Mildura Houseboats offer the ideal holiday to do as little or as much as you like. They have ready-made packages for gourmet food and wine lovers, families, couples and golfers. Mildura Houseboats - they make it easy for you!