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Miss Amelie Gourmet

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Contact Miss Amelie Gourmet

Miss Amelie Gourmet, a foodie's heaven, is an offshoot of the fine dining restaurant Miss Amelie. Through Miss Amelie Gourmet, co-owner and executive chef, David Kapay, has brought world-class produce to the North East Victoria and Southern Riverina.

Its cabinets, shelving and cool rooms are overflowing with delectable delights including restaurant-quality reheatable fare; housemade pies; artisan bread and pastries; pantry supplies; cheese; charcuterie; and wine among its offerings. Among its specialty food is dry-aged fish that has an incredible all-round umami (savoury) flavour.

With more than 400 items listed on the website, delivery to Albury, Wangaratta, Corowa, Yarrawonga, Beechworth and surrounds is available to those who can’t visit the store.