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Murray Offroad Adventures - VIC

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Walk through a landscape that echoes with the sounds of footsteps long since gone, where the horizon is endless and the sky vast in its daytime blue and starry night. Create memories that link you to an ancient place, renowned for its extraordinary indigenous culture.

Discover the region’s rich history and explore a land of contrast, where wetlands meet dunes and semi-arid plains, linked by Australia’s longest river, the Murray. The bush comes alive with your every step: see emus racing, kangaroos bounding and hear the call of birds from the trees overhead. Dine next to an open fire on a sandbank by the river, beside a remote pink salt lake or experience the “food-bowl” of Australia at a local winery or brewery.

Experience the outback without leaving Victoria. Based in Mildura, a six-hour drive from Melbourne, or a one-hour flight.

Delivering year-round access to these unique locations, offering small personalised tours. Murray Offroad Adventures is the only tour operator offering 4wd bus tours in this northwest region of Victoria. Travel in comfort and safety with an incredibly knowledgeable local guide.

This wild, beautiful country is only fully appreciated with guides who know its secrets.


  • Quality Tourism Accreditation
  • Sustainable Tourism Accreditation by ATIC


  • Regional Tourist/Tourism Association/Organisation
  • Victoria Tourism Industry Council
  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Free Wifi
  • Border NSW/VIC