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RACV 2021 National Veteran Vehicle Rally

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Contact RACV 2021 National Veteran Vehicle Rally

More than 300 veteran motoring enthusiasts from clubs across Australia will meet in Swan Hill for this seven-day event. They will bring 150 veteran cars and motorcycles. But these are not just show cars. Although every vehicle is more than 100 years old, they will be driven, up to 165 kilometres, on each day of the rally. These unique vehicles date back to the infancy of automotive development. Many have wooden bodies and wooden wheels, gas powered lights and no windscreens or doors. Some of the smaller cars have single or twin cylinder engines. They are real horseless carriages. Based in Swan Hill on the Murray River, the cars will assemble each day and, using quiet back roads, tour to various towns and locations. The theme of Edwardian Rural Australiana will be featured during the event with many participants donning period costumes each day. The event will be conducted by the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Vic) Inc. and is run under the auspices of The Association of Veteran Car Clubs in Australia (TAVCCA). The RACV is the principal sponsor of this event.

October 2021

  • Sunday 10th
  • Monday 11th
  • Tuesday 12th
  • Wednesday 13th
  • Thursday 14th
  • Friday 15th
  • Saturday 16th