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  • 104 Hovell Street, Wodonga, 3690, Australia
  • Website
If you thought Wodonga was just a Hume Freeway sleepover on the way to somewhere else, think again. Contemporary Wodonga has a new confidence and just a little bit of swagger, with its powerful mix of culture, creativity and 'country cool'. Hugged by nature and packed with creative energy, Wodonga is a curious mix of culture, nature and cuisine. We've got nature and aquatic activities, oodles of sunshine and brilliant blue skies to satisfy any outdoor enthusiast. Wine lovers and snow bunnies can indulge their passions, at nearby wineries and snowfields. No wonder city-types seeking a fresh new 'life in balance'; are flocking to work and play here. Who doesn't love not having to queue for the best cafe latte this side of Melbourne? Get ready to meet a regional city with big-city ideas. It is a little bit country and a little bit cool.


  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking
  • Scenic Drives
  • Swimming
  • Walks