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Yellowbelly Track cycling route

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Contact Yellowbelly Track cycling route

The Yellowbelly Track is a tranquil 200km cycling route in Northern Victoria, following the Goulburn River from Echuca to Tallarook.

Wherever possible the route follows river tracks, gravel roads and quiet local sealed roads to minimise vehicle traffic. As well as providing river vistas, the Yellowbelly Track passes through panoramic farmland, secluded National and Regional Parks with abundant birds and animals, and many small country towns with regular supplies of food and drink.

The riding is easy because the route is flat. Although for comfort on the dirt tracks and gravel roads wide tyres are recommended (30mm minimum, and wider is better).

Well-spaced commercial accommodation is available along the route for overnight breaks.

For riders wanting the full bikepacking experience, free camping is available in the National and Regional Parks and at regular intervals along the Yellowbelly Track.

Riders can download the gpx file of the route from the Yellowbelly Track website. The website also provides detailed information about support and amenities available at each location to help riders plan enjoyable days.

Riders should be experienced riding unsealed roads, navigating by gpx file without internet, and riding self-supported in the bush outside mobile phone range.

The Yellowbelly Track can be ridden in either direction, or riders may decide to only ride certain segments.