Murray River Road
Winding road alongside the wide Murray River

It’s not a holiday - it’s a pilgrimage.

Twenty-five hundred kilometres of river isn’t a trip for the faint of heart but those brave enough to embrace it will see what it means to be alive.

It means occasionally getting off the bitumen and getting a bit dusty.

Sometimes you’ll be in mountains – other times you’ll be in deserts.

Sometimes you’ll be in forests and bushland.

And, sometimes you’ve got endless plains as flat as the Earth itself.

It’s about getting up close and personal with nature, getting wet and getting lost.

It’s about sharing a round of beers and swapping stories with the locals.

It’s about learning the tales of yesteryear and understanding those that came before us.

It’s about getting sticky fingers from sinking your teeth into freshly plucked fruit.

It’s the flavours, the sounds, the smells.

It’s the simple pleasures but it’s also the chaos. It’s the road itself – the journey.

This is about you. This is the Murray River Road.