Murray River Road
Heritage train, windmill and buildings at Pioneer Settlement in Swan Hill

History & Heritage

Modern Murray history is built on the back of early European settlers who curse you and your 200ish horsepower car.

On the Murray River Road you may as well be in a Delorean ‘cause you’re gonna travel back in time to when the river itself was a busy highway. A network of railways and epic paddlesteamers linked trade and travel from newly emerging river towns to Melbourne and beyond.

There’s also lively tales of famous explorers and aviators, bushrangers and horse thieves, drunks and poets, singers and loveable rogues – together you have the foundation of what makes the region so unique.

Driving the Murray River Road is your chance to see how this history has shaped life as we know it and, more importantly, how this has weirdly impacted your own life hundreds of miles away even before you knew that cows go ‘moo’ and ducks go ‘quack’.

This is much more than a pioneer museum, the Murray River Road is real, it’s immersive, it’s necessary and it’s just plain fun. Plus, of course, there’s actually a pioneer settlement with a laser and light show…

Withstood the test of time

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