Murray River Road
Aerial shot of renovated old flour mill now home to Corowa Whisky and Chocolate

Best in Craft

Put the knitting needles away – when we say craft we’re talking about the good stuff.

Think more on the lines of smelting and smithing raw metals into masterpieces or turning and carving red gum into works of art. We’re talking about finessing the delicate notes of freshly made cheeses and chocolates and fermenting grains and hops into new and exciting brews. Got your attention yet? We reckon you’ll like this next one.

We mean balancing the perfect combination of ingredients in locally distilled gins and vodkas or crushing and pressing grapes into every possible variety of wine. How about merging mother dough with steel cut grains and pulling fresh artisanal breads out of the oven? You get the idea.

Even when we are caught slapping paint on a canvas or crafting with wool and yarn – you can be sure that you’ve never seen what our locals can do before.

They take the best materials and freshest ingredients – the kind of stuff you think can’t get any better and they apply years of careful training to bring you something out of this world.

The Murray River Road is chockers with experiences that infuse your journey with local delights and memorable moments. You won’t forget this road trip in a hurry.

Couple talking to a wine expert during a walkthrough of the Cellar Door at All Saints Estate

Food and Drink

Food and drinks aren’t made to be tolerated – they’re crafted along the Murray River Road to bring a whole new understanding to your life.

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3rd generation potter making handcrafted stoneware at the Old School Winery and Meadery in Womboota

Artists and Artisans

Inspired by local lore and ripper landscapes, artists and artisans along the Murray River Road showcase a plethora of cultural and industrial makings.

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Crème de la crème

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