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Reconnect in River Country this Winter

Beautifully framed by waterways and native bushland, River Country is home to a vibrant mix of riverside communities where relaxed country living and modern-day indulgence collide.

Set along the Murray River in NSW, our region offers the perfect blend of activity and tranquility, with breathtaking river panoramas and forest playgrounds ready to be explored. Just over 3 hours from Wagga Wagga and 2.5 hour drive from Melbourne, River Country is centered on the thriving border towns of Echuca Moama and Barham Koondrook. This is the perfect place to slow down, unwind and soak in all the natural beauty our Murray River Country has to offer.

Winter brings with it a refreshing change in the air, as the days grow shorter and the nights longer step off the beaten track and unearth an exhilarating world of fresh air and open spaces. Grab a sweater, lace-up your boots and explore cycling trails, National Parks and walking tracks, celebrate an abundance of local produce and the best food and wine offerings on the Murray and capture the magic of autumn in River Country.

Winter in River Country is a time of serene beauty and cozy adventures. The crisp, cool air adds a refreshing touch to the landscape, perfect for exploring cycling trails, National Parks and walking tracks. Enjoy the warmth of a hearty meal in our local cafes, or simply relax by the fire with a hot drink. Winter in River Country invites you to slow down, unwind, and savor the simple pleasures of this picturesque region.

Our smaller towns are an ideal launch pad for exploring the natural landscapes, and are also vital community centres that celebrate the area’s pastoral history and present-day agricultural industries.

Leave the crowds behind and discover a more relaxed rhythm of life with morning bushwalks, river adventures, afternoon cruising, evening sunsets and campfires.

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