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Long Paddock Touring Route

Welcome to the Long Paddock, an iconic touring route that meanders through the heart of Australia, inviting travelers to embark on a journey through landscapes that resonates with history, culture, and the spirit of the outback.

Stretching across the vast expanses from Echuca Moama on the Victorian Border, through to Wilcannia, leading to the iconic outback towns of Bourke and White Cliffs.

The Long Paddock, also known as the "Cobb Highway," weaves a tapestry of discovery, connecting remote towns, historic sites, and breathtaking natural wonders.

Originally established as a stock route during the 19th century, the Long Paddock served as a lifeline for drovers moving cattle across the arid interior. Today, it has evolved into a captivating touring route, offering a unique blend of adventure and immersion into the heart of Australia's rural life.

The Long Paddock is still a working stock route which provides us with a link to times and landscapes that are long since altered.

Whilst travelling along this iconic touring route, explore the 11 major public sculptures, celebrating the unique character of the landscape and tell stories about the local history.

Additionally there is a series of information panels located at significant sites. They are a wonderful mixture of truths, tales and images! To really experience the drovers’ dream stop at each panel and become part of The Long Paddock.

Join us as we navigate this legendary route, where every kilometer brings a new chapter in the story of Australia's vast and captivating interior. Take the opportunity to pause, reflect, and appreciate these amazing surroundings.