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Gunbower Island Forest Drive

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Contact Gunbower Island Forest Drive

Gunbower Island Forest Drive is a leisurely half-day drive through Gunbower Island's Gunbower National Park and Gunbower State Forest. Gunbower Island, Australia's largest inland island is located between the Murray River and Gunbower Creek. It is also internationally recognised as a wetland of significance for its importance to birdlife, native mammals and amphibians. The drive starts in Cohuna and encompasses the beauty of the forest. The River Red Gum and Black Box forests, the experimental nursery and Graham's Hut are all part of the drive. It links in a number of historical, cultural and ecological sites of interest. There are many picturesque stops along the way that provide a unique setting for a picnic lunch. A map and accompanying drive explanatory notes can be sourced from the Gateway to Gannawarra Visitor Centre in Cohuna. With the aid of the map, notes and corresponding markers along the way you can navigate to discover the rich history of the forest.