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Charles Sturt Monument

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  • 255 Melbourne Street

The Cairn commemorates explorer Captain Charles Sturt who passed Mulwala on his exploration journey along the Murray in 1838 Charles Napier Sturt (1795-1869) was a British officer and explorer of Australia, and part of the European exploration of Australian. He led several expeditions into the interior of the continent, starting from Sydney and later from Adelaide. His expeditions traced several of the westward – flowing rivers, establishing that they all merged into the Murray River, which flows into the Southern Ocean. He was searching to prove his own passionately held belief, that an “inland sea” was located at the centre of the continent. He reached the rank of Captain, served several appointed posts, and on the Legislative Council.
Residents of the Murray River towns, Yarrawonga in Victoria and Mulwala in New South Wales, joined to commemorate the historic journey along the Murray by the explorer Captain Charles Sturt, in whose honour a memorial Cairn, near Mulwala Bridge, was unveiled on Friday by His Excellency the Governor (Lord Somers).
Argus (Melbourne), 13 January 1930