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Watersports on the Murray: Autumn Is The Perfect Time

19 Mar 2024

Watersports on the Murray: Autumn Is The Perfect Time

The ultimate playground for water sports enthusiasts, the Murray River offers a diverse range of opportunities for both seasoned athletes and beginners just dipping their toes into the watersports scene.

Whether gliding leisurely along on a paddleboard at sunrise, or slicing through the glassy water on your skis, the Murray promises endless opportunities for an unforgettable watersports adventure for those seeking some fun in the perfect autumn sun.

The Murray River is not just any river- it’s the heart and soul of Australia’s southern landscape, acting as the border mark between Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia and the longest river in the country.

Teeming with stories and history stretching back thousands of years, Aboriginal communities have relied on the Murray as a lifeline, a gathering place, and a source of wonderment for Dreamtime stories.

With the arrival of European settlers who quickly recognised its importance, the banks of the Murray evolved into a bustling hub of trade and activity.

Today, still, the Murray buzzes with life, offering sustenance to farms, joy to holidaymakers and a sense of pride and belonging to those who call its banks home.

Any visit to the Murray is a journey through time, tradition and nature where every bend tells a story and every ripple connects you with Australia’s great history and iconic landscape.

Whether it’s the excitement of jet skiing or the grace of a gliding canoe, there are so many activities on offer for those looking to make a splash in Australia’s longest river.

For a more leisurely encounter with the Murray, kayaking through its tributaries, or trying your luck at catching the infamous Murray Cod are worthy ideas.

And there is no greater vantage point to take in the beauty of the surrounding banks, than from a stand up paddleboard which we can assure you looks harder than it really is.

And for those seeking minimal exertion and maximum relaxation, step aboard a paddlesteamer cruise for a nostalgic glimpse into the Murray’s pioneering past, or gather your crew, rent a houseboat to charter your own course and go at your own pace.

But to really get the heart pumping, it’s the motorised watersports that draw a cult-like following to the shores of the Murray.

From the high speed thrills of jet skiing to mastering the skills of ‘cutting the wake’ on wakeboard, or even barefoot skiing, there’s an abundance of exciting options on these iconic waters. There’s really no better way to experience the river than feeling the wind in your hair as you zip along its surface and soak in the sunshine and stunning scenery along the way.

The Best Spots for the Best Fun

With just over 2500 kilometres of water, the opportunities for fun on the Murray are diverse and far reaching. Here are the top picks for the very best spots for watersporting adventures along the Murray.

Mulwala: This renowned spot is perfect for enthusiasts looking to indulge in water-skiing or explore its calm waters on a paddleboard. Watching the sun dip down below the horizon and the burst of colour in the sky backdropping the ghostly gums that famously dot the water in Lake Mulwala is an unmissable spectacle.

Mildura: Offering staggering views, here the river widens creating a stunning open expanse of water to play and to relax in and a noticeably different landscape to take in. A variety of water-based activities are on offer in Mildura, from luxury houseboats and sunset cruises to options of renting a kayak, stand up paddleboard or pontoon boat.

Lake Boga: Whilst not technically on the Murray River, though just a stone’s throw from it, Lake Boga is fast becoming the go-to spot for those in the know of where to seek out the best watersporting locales within the Murray region. With beautifully flat grassy banks and gentle entries into the water, whether water skiing, kayaking or simply after a leisurely swim, this hidden gem offers something for everyone.

Moama: Nestled among the gumtrees and the vibrant twin towns of Echuca Moama, here the Murray is a mecca for watersports, campers and holidaymakers after the best of nature and the best creature comforts. Skiing and wakeboarding reign supreme but nothing beats meandering along on a paddleboard as the current does most of the heavy lifting while you watch the sun set over the iconic Port of Echuca.

Deniliquin: A little further north, the Edward River in Deniliquin offers a picturesque setting for watersports enthusiasts. Here, the river winds through lush bushland, providing a serene environment for kayaking or canoeing. Adventurers can explore its channels and tributaries, encountering diverse wildlife along the way.

Kerang Lakes: Surrounded by natural beauty and a hidden gem for watersports enthusiasts, the Kerang Lakes are a haven of diverse experiences from waterskiing and tubing to a simple leisurely swim. The grassy banks are perfect for picnicking and the waters teem with Red Fin and Murray Cod, making this a popular and lucky spot for anglers.

As the summer sun sets and we ease into a more temperate autumn, there’s really no better time to hit the water and let the rhythm of the river guide you towards adventure and some unforgettable moments.