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Water Tower Mural

Water Tower Mural

The 22.8 meter-high Water Tower is located in Scott’s Park, on the corner of Russell and Whitelock Streets.

Acclaimed street artist Cam Scale completed the full mural in just 17 days, commencing work on Wednesday 3 July 2019 and finishing on Friday 19 July 2019. The mural wraps around the tower, from two kookaburras resting on gum tree branches it transitions into a starry night sky.

Cam Scale

Cam Scale is a Gold Coast based artist. His practice extends from murals and graffiti to digital and canvas, working with several mediums mostly aerosol, oil and acrylic. Scale’s artistic goal is to capture what surrounds him.

Some of Scale’s other work includes:

  • Devenish Silo (2018)
  • Kimba Silo (2017)
  • Wall to Wall Festival (2017)
  • Frys Faces Wall (2017)
  • To the Unknown Marnier (2016)

Artist’s Vision

“I wanted to capture the fun of life as kids in the country, being around the camp fire with friends. I wanted to bring the night sky into view, emphasising how clear it is to see the stars out there. This idea of space also connects to the rocket in the playground where kids can imagine themselves as space travellers. As the sky curves around the tower, the dark colours blend into lighter greens and yellows suggesting morning has come with a Kookaburra in a gum tree perched ready for the day.

I chose the kookaburra so I could express the spectacular detail in its feathers, the flecks of turquoise and white are beautiful, and there are a lot of interesting textures and patterns which will look stunning painted”.

When Scale arrived in Deniliquin he was surprised as it was an even larger canvas than he originally thought. Due to the available space, Scale took the opportunity to add a second smaller Kookaburra to the tower.


The Water Tower is located in the Scott’s Park precinct, on the corner of Russell and Whitelock Streets. The precinct includes a large nature-based playground, BMX pump track, swimming pool, splash park, indoor heated pool, lagoon walking trail and community garden.

The Water Tower is directly oppo- site the White Lion Hotel, fondly known as “The Zoo” to locals. The pub offers hearty meals and cold drinks, and in the warmer months you can dine outdoors in the beer garden - it also happens to have a first class view of the Water Tower.

Local Significance

Deniliquin is home to over 100 species of bird life and is a renowned birding destination, to showcase our native wildlife two Kookaburra’s were included on the mural.

The region is also renowned for its night skies, thanks to the flat landscape and minimal artificial lighting. Which is why the Water Tower now features a Milky Way on one side of the tower.

Local Deniliquin High School students worked with Scale to transform the small shed next to the tower. The shed will now become a revolving canvas that’s repainted regularly by young local artists.