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Broken Creek Walks

Take some time out to enjoy the historical walks along the Broken Creek around the quaint township of Nathalia.
With lots of short walks, you can easily do a few, stopping to enjoy a picnic by the creek.
Pick up a brochure with may at the Visitor In formation Centre, or just follow these easy directions.

1a. Cordial Way

This is a 327 m walk through an area noted for its wattles and willows. It was named because in the 1930s there was a Cordial Factory along the track.

1b. Woodlands Walk

This is a 503 m walk past some of the oldest houses in the town. Girrahavan is over 100 years old; Woodlands was built in 1896 and has impressive jarrah floors and 14 foot (4.26 metres) jarrah ceilings; and Harboniere was built in 1923 by a local who won a military medal at Harboniere in France during World War I.

1. Syd's Stroll

A pleasant 531 m walk beside the river past silver wattles, river redgums, peppercorn trees, an elm tree and a Moreton Bay fig.

2. N.A.D.C.O. Lookout

An 837 m walk past the swimming pool to a lookout over the town.

3. Wattle Tree Drive

Characterised by varieties of wattle - gold dust, rough leaf, montane and nelia - this is a pleasant 1.67 km walk past small jetties on the creek and tables under the willow trees.
4. Chain Gang Avenue
A 276 m walk from the Cemetery Bridge to the Scout Hall.

5. Shady Creek Walk

A 539 m walk to the town weir. The walk has stands of grey box, black box, yellow box and cumbungi.

6. Gray's Cutting

A 2 km walk to the golf course. It is possible to see water fowl, purple swamp hens and small reed birds at the edge of the creek.