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Flora and Fauna

With wetlands exploding with birdlife and native vegetation, and national parks boasting rare and endangered species, the unique Australian landscape comes alive in Sun Country.

Kids running in red gum forest


The Sun Country boasts some of the most impressive natural woodlands in Australia. These landscapes, featuring a canopy of trees sparser than a forest, allow for the growth of many spectacular flowering plants, shrubs and native grasses.

Woodlands in the Goulburn Broken Catchment, extending from the Murray south through Sun Country and beyond, are home to an amazing array of flowering groundcover and native herbs, as well as shrubs and trees including many varieties of wattle, cassinia, grevillea, banksia and – of course – eucalyptus.

This environment is heaven for birds, with well over 60 native species calling the woodlands home, including eye-catching parrots, honeyeaters and robins, and the magnificent sacred kingfisher.

Bird Watching

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Our natural and constructed wetlands are important for regional drainage and the filtration of water, and are also a home to many species of flora and fauna. Kinnaird's Wetlands just outside Numurkah makes access to wetlands easy, featuring trails suitable for walking and cycling, boardwalks, bird hides and shaded picnic areas. An astonishing 159 bird species have been spotted at Kinnaird's Wetlands, with 152 of them being native.

The area also sees more than 10 species of micro-bats, as well as frogs and other reptiles. Plant life includes the vulnerable yellow tongue daisy and some rare species unique in Victoria such as spiny-fruit saltbush and coolabah grass.

Barmah National Park Suncountry see do explore the land bird watching

National Parks And Forests

The ancient Barmah National Park, along with the adjoining Murray Valley National Park, is the crowning glory of our region’s natural environment. Protected as a National Park and managed by a historic joint management plan between the Victorian government and the Yorta Yorta traditional owners, this is a place of serene stillness and dynamic environmental beauty.

Popular for camping and river cruising, Barmah is a treasure trove of native Australian wildlife and flora, including many rare and endangered species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Spring is a great time to see brolgas. The National Park includes the wetlands between Ulupna Island and Barmah township, designated of international significance under the Ramsar Convention, and a haven for native animals including koalas and kangaroos.

Another great spot for nature lovers is the Warby Ovens National Park, just south of Bundalong towards Wangaratta. Pack your GPS and explore the trails on foot or on the Ovens River in a kayak. Enjoy free camping and keep your eyes open. You’re likely to see reptiles sunning themselves while wedge-tailed eagles soar overhead. In the early morning and late afternoon you’re sure to spot birds and other wildlife – look out for swamp wallabies, eastern grey kangaroos, wombats and koalas.

Don’t miss the small colony of grey-headed flying foxes and little red flying foxes that roost in the large river red gum trees along the Broken Creek opposite the Numurkah pool. And if you’re enjoying a paddle at Thomson’s Beach, wander the trails and look up; the areas is home to koalas.

Wherever you look in Sun Country, there are natural wonders to enjoy. In fact, you might even spot a koala shopping in Tocumwal!

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Places to Spot Animals

Sun Country has many animals to see throughout the region. We have some easy to access places to visit to spot some of our treasured fauna.
Check out the following hot spots to see our native animals.

Places to Spot Animals