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Recreational Fishing Licenses & Fishing Fee Receipts

Do I Need a Recreational Fishing License or a Fishing Fee Receipt?

Yes, Recreational Fishing License’s and/or Fishing Fee Receipts are required. Exemptions do exist.

Fishing in Victorian Waters:

When fishing in Victorian marine, estuarine and freshwaters a Victorian Recreational Fishing License covers all forms of recreational fishing.

Victorian recreational fishing licenses are available:

  • Online (
  • From many Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources offices; and
  • From hundreds of retail businesses that are fishing license agencies.

Fishing in NSW Waters:

When fishing in NSW waters, both freshwater and saltwater, you are required by law to pay the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee and carry a receipt showing the payment of the fee.

The Murray River is NSW waters. Unless you are exempt, a NSW Fishing Fee Receipt is required when fishing in the Murray River, even when you are standing on the Victorian river bank.

A New South Wales Fishing Fee Receipt is available: