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Crossing Place Trail

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The Crossing Place Trail is located near the original crossing places of the Murray River – at the junctions of the Murray River and Bungambrawatha Creek and the Murray River and Oddies Creek.

These sites were traditional crossing places of the Murray River until the construction of a punt in 1848. The first bridge over the Murray River opened on September 2, 1861. However, the original crossings continued to be used to drive cattle across the river by those wishing to avoid paying the bridge toll.

The trail is next to the Murray River and is a 5.1 kilometre loop, featuring sculptural works from local Aboriginal artists. Along the trail is the story of Yarre the Mailman, evidence of a scar tree and information about the importance of the billabong environment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The trail is set in a natural environ of gum trees and keen observers will notice an array of wildlife including platypus, dunnarts, antechinus, water rats, wedge-tailed eagles and the rare black-billed spoonbills.


  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.