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Murray Art Museum Albury

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Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) re-imagines what a gallery can be. More than a showcase for art, MAMA is an all-encompassing contemporary art experience that balances international touring exhibitions with deep connections to the surrounding regional area and cultural identity. Every corner of MAMA is bold, vibrant and alive. Along with an emphasis on innovative, self-curated exhibitions, MAMA features a stunning 24-hour 'art skin', workshops and immersive cultural experiences. This cultural landmark is one of the state's largest and best-equipped exhibition spaces. As the new Australian home for modern art, MAMA repositions Albury as a major cultural destination, revitalises the Albury arts precinct, and engages people from around the world with its art and ideas. From the calibre of its programming and events to its contemporary architecture, MAMA delivers a world-class tourism experience and stands proudly among the ranks of Australia's leading contemporary art museums.