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Wonga Wetlands

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Contact Wonga Wetlands

A sanctuary for birdwatchers, field naturalists, photographers and bushwalking groups, wandering Wonga Wetlands is a fantastic way to wind down and enjoy nature. Wonga is also a remarkable educational experience for school and special interest groups. Located on the Murray River floodplain, Wonga Wetlands is being gently restored from grazing land using Albury City's environmentally treated wastewater. An ecosystem of lagoons and billabongs covering 80 hectares of Murray River flood plain, Wonga is home to a variety of wildlife and century old river red gums. Just look at what's waiting for you - 176 recorded bird species, Wiradjuri campsite, aquatic educational centre, 600 year old river red gums, Indigenous scar tree, various native flora and fauna, old homestead visitor centre, six bird watching hides, three walking trails, picnic and barbecue facilities.