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3D Murray River Floor Mural

Ulla Taylor a 3D chalk artist from Melbourne was commissioned by Moira Shire to design and paint a lifelike 3D Murray River mural. In 2017, Ulla spent many hours observing the natural environment of the Barmah National Park along with the photos and resources at the Barmah Heritage Centre.

Over a two week period Ulla sketched and painted the outline of the river and the animals in a 2 dimensional fashion, so when the animals are viewed from a certain perspective they appear as though they are standing in front of you.

Be sure to use your mobile phone to capture the best image of this design.
Simply take a photo of a friend hand feeding the Gonna or scratching him under the chin. There are 15 different animals to find. Haw many can you find?

Murray Cod BFHEC
Wombat BFHEC
Lizard BFHEC
Turtle BFHEC
Skink Lizard BFHEC
Floor BFHEC 2
Floor River at b BFHEC

The Murray Cod famous for being King of the fish! Loves to hide in hollow logs and ambush it's unsuspecting prey such as yabbies, crayfish and other fish who dare to near their lair. Click the blue arrow to see more of our beautiful floor paintings.