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Duffty's Beach No. 1

Dufties Beach 1 Dufties Light by Lauren Bath

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with free bush camping at the Duffty's Beach. This pristine location, nestled beside the iconic Murray River, offers a unique camping experience for the adventurous and self-sufficient.

With no toilets or other facilities on-site, campers must be self-reliant. We encourage a 'leave no trace' ethic – please take all rubbish with you to preserve the integrity of this beautiful ecosystem.

The reserve features a sandy beach, perfect for pitching tents, setting up camper trailers, or parking caravans. Enjoy the thrill of getting back to basics in this tranquil setting. Please be aware that the area can get boggy in winter and after heavy rain, so a 4WD is recommended in wet weather.

Access the reserve via Thoms Rd for rough 2WD access, or use Duffy Ln for 4WD access.

In addition to camping, this is an excellent spot for other recreational activities. Enjoy a refreshing swim or embark on a kayaking adventure in the serene waters of the Murray River.

Come and experience the allure of the great outdoors and remember to respect nature and leave only footprints behind.