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Nathalia & District Lions Park

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Contact Nathalia & District Lions Park

The Nathalia and District Lions Park (maybe better known as the town's water tower park) has a lot more to offer then first meets the eye. The park has a monument dedicated to 'The Sleeper Cutter' which commemorates the skill, strength and bush craft of the broad-axe sleeper cutter of the Barmah Forest and District. The park also displays Nathalia and District Lions Club Member 'In Memory Of' plaques and an 'Australia Remembers - In Honour of' plaque and boulder dedicated to the men and women who served Australia in time of conflict during World War II. Known for housing the town's water tower, the park also has an information board, public toilets, four separate seating areas, plenty of trees for shade and parking for large vehicles and trucks. To top it off right opposite the park is the Parks Victoria Nathalia Office, Library and the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre and Visitor Information Centre.