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FAQ's Nathalia

Nathalia is situated along the Broken Creek and is a pretty town with historic buildings and a thriving community spirit.
Take a walk along the main street where you can pick up groceries, buy your steak at the butchers shop next door or even pick up your tools for the caravan or camping equipment at the hardware store.
You can post your letters and purchase papers and magazines from the post office, have your hair done at the hairdressers and of course stop in for lunch at one of the cafes or hotels. Nathalia is located about 20 min drive from the gateway to the Barmah National Park. To get the most out of your visit drop into the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre, grab a map and have a chat to the friendly staff about taking a tour on the Kingfisher, a fantastic cruise in the wetlands on the lakes and the Barmah Choke on the Murray River.

How was Nathalia named?
From locals it seems that the town was named after the Queen of Serbia, possibly because some of the early settlers migrated from that country. Translation of Queen Natalie in Serbia resulted in Nathalia. Although this can not be confirmed it is a possible popular belief.

Where can I get water?
Weir Street and Blake Street Toilets

Where is the dump point?
Weir Street

Where is the information centre?
73 Blake Street Nathalia

Where can I camp?
Barmah Lakes Camping Area

Where can I fish?
Broken Creek, Barmah Lakes and Murray River
Sun Country Fishing Guide

When does the Kingfisher Cruise depart?
Usually 10:30 am 2hr cruise, call to confirm
times as bookings essential.
5855 2855

Where and when can I collect firewood
Forest Fire Management

What's at the Barmah Centre?
Visit the Barmah Centre today

In the Barmah Centre, how did the floor get painted 3D?
Melbourne artist named Ulla Taylor painted the floor.
Ulla has been trained in Point Perspective painting a special
3D art technique. She travels the world doing 3D chalk art.

When is the Bakery and the Courthouse hotel open?
Brereton’s 7 days a week
Courthouse Variable Times, please phone (03) 5866 3033

Where are the caravan parks?
Nathalia Motel & Holiday Park – 87 Blake Street
Riverbank Caravan Park – 1-5 Park Street, Nathalia
Barmah Caravan Park – 24 Murray Street Barmah
Murray perch Caravan park – 7-11 Murray Street Barmah
1-3 Maloney Street, Barmah

Where can I hire a houseboat?
Murray River Houseboats 5480 2343
Dinky Di Houseboat Holidays 5482 5223
Moama on Murray Houseboats 5480 3031
Barby Boat Lake Mulwala 0419 211 122

Where is the golf course?
444 Paynes Rd, Nathalia

Where can I register my pet?
Moira Shire

Where is the Aged Care Home?
Barwo Homestead 8 Federation Street

Where is a Glazier, Auto Electrician, or a tint shop?

Nathalia Paint and Panel – 0421 113 746
Minchin’s Mechanics – Picola - 58691380

Where is the Doctors and the Hospital?
Nathalia Medical Clinic – 5866 9494
Nathalia Hospital 5866 9444 36-44 McDonell Street