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Murray Sunset National Park

Murray River, Murray Valley Sunset National Park. Image credit: Mildura Regional Development

Murray-Sunset National Park is the largest national park in Victoria. Stretching from the Murray River at Lindsay Island in extreme northwest of Victoria to Pink Lakes near Underbool in the south, this vast, wide open, and isolated landscape will take more than a day to explore.

This remote outback park offers extensive 4WD, photography, birdwatching and remote camping opportunities for prepared travellers.

Getting to Murray Sunset

West of Mildura, and just a couple of hours from Renmark in South Australia, the easiest access to the park from Melbourne is via the Calder Highway and from South Australia via the Sturt Highway.

Unsealed roads from the Mallee or Sturt Highways are usually suitable for 2WD vehicles, although you’ll need a high-clearance 4WD if you want to explore. Pink Lakes is best accessed along the gravel road from Linga.

Points of interest

The picturesque Pink Lakes are named because of their colour after winter and spring rains. The Pink Lakes change in colour from a deep pink to a glistening white and are best viewed early or late in the day or when it is cloudy. The lakes evaporate over hot summer months leaving concentrated salt crusts over black mud.

Salt mine relics have lain on the edges of the Pink Lakes since salt industry operations ceased in 1979. Pioneer Drive offers great views of the Pink Lakes, from Lake Crosbie to Lake Kenyon and Lake Becking.

There are several short and easy walking tracks in the Pink Lakes area. Due to the sandy ground the tracks are not suitable for wheelchairs.

  • Kline Loop Nature Walk – 4.8km, 2 hours circuit
  • Lake Becking – 1.4km, 40 minutes circuit
  • Lake Hardy – 1.7km, 45 minutes circuit
  • Sunset Nature Walk – 3.5km, 1.5 hours return
  • Sunset Remote Walking Track – Hike – 66km, 3-day, overnight loop

Camping in Murray Sunset

There are eleven campgrounds in the park, with a range of basic facilities. Camping is free, and no bookings are required, however campers must be well-prepared and self-sufficient. There is no drinking water, no mobile phone reception and no bins: please take rubbish home with you.

Three popular camp spots are:

  • Lake Becking: Perhaps the most popular camping spot, Lake Becking puts the Pink Lakes right outside your tent. Just 20 minutes north of the township on Linga, the campground is accessible by 2WD. Toilets, picnic tables and fireplaces are provided.
  • Wallpolla Island: Cars can access this area in dry weather, although you’ll be better off in a 4WD. Access Wallpolla along Old Mail Road. With plenty of tracks linking the river and nearby creeks, this is a good spot for bush camping.
  • Mount Crozier: Toilets, picnic tables and fireplaces are provided, and a short walk to the top of Crozier pays dividends with great views of the surrounding landscape. Access is by 4WD only.

Take a day trip

For a full palette of colour, particularly pink, you can day trip to Murray-Sunset National Park just a one and a half hour drive from Mildura.

Be sure to check the Parks Victoria website for the latest information before visiting this National Park.