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Terrick Terrick National Park

Terrick Terrick National Park. Image credit: Parks Victoria

Terrick Terrick National Park is shelter to some of the last remaining native vegetation on Victoria’s northern plains, providing a home to dozens of rare or threatened species of bird, animal and plant life.

It’s a compact National Park – less than 10km from north to south, with criss-crossing gravel and dirt tracks that offer good access for 2WD vehicles.

Getting to Terrick Terrick

Terrick Terrick National Park is in the central-north of Victoria; north of Bendigo, south of Barham Koondrook and west of Echuca Moama. At just over 2.5 hours from Melbourne, and just north of the small town of Mitiamo, Terrick Terrick is easy to reach and easy to explore.

Points of interest

Start your journey at the Mt Terrick Terrick Picnic Area. Head north from Mitiamo for about 5 minutes. At the entrance to the park, take a right-hand turn and head to the picnic area, at the base of Mt Terrick Terrick.

There are good views at the top of the mountain, although the climb is steep and involves clambering over granite rocks.

Walkers can also explore the woodlands around Mt Terrick Terrick by following the tracks. About 3km further into the park is Bennett’s Rock. The area around these two lookouts is Victoria's most significant stand of White Cypress Pines and is great habitat for woodland birds. If exploring on foot isn’t your thing the tracks are ideal from a slow drive. Pull over occasionally to enjoy the landscape, including some beautiful native wildflowers in springtime.

At the very north-eastern end of Terrick Terrick National Park you’ll find the ruins of Davies Homestead. Use this spot as a jumping-off point to explore the best of the region’s grasslands. It’s a birdwatcher’s paradise, especially in spring (although there’s good birding any time except mid-summer).

Camping in Terrick Terrick

There is only one place to camp in Terrick Terrick. In order to protect the fragile ecosystem, camping can only take place in the fenced grounds behind the picnic area. It’s a basic unpowered campground. There’s a drop toilet shared with the picnic area, but otherwise no water and no bins. While there’s a general store in nearby Mitiamo (10 minutes each way), come prepared.

Camping is free and no bookings are required. Please inform rangers of your stay by calling 13 1963. Open fires, firewood collection and the use of generators are prohibited.

Take a day trip

For Victoria’s most important stand of white cypress pines, spend a day exploring Terrick Terrick National Park 30 minutes from Gunbower, 40 minutes from Echuca Moama or just under one hour from Koondrook.

Be sure to check the Parks Victoria website for the latest information before visiting this National Park.