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Escape To River Country This Autumn

13 Mar 2024

Escape To River Country This Autumn

As the scorching heat of summer fades into the crisp, fresh air of autumn, Murray River Country transforms into a destination for holiday-makers seeking a gentler pace.

A place to rest and recover from the action-packed days of the summer break, in a wonderland of stunning scenery, nature trails, and the quiet beauty of the riverbanks.

At this time of year the region dances in the warm hues and soft energy of autumn, and the riverside villages are abundant with nature-based experiences that fully embrace the changing seasons. From leisurely walks or boat trips along secluded rivers and creeks, to adrenaline-packed mountain biking deep in the red gum forest, there's an adventure for everyone to enjoy. So pack a cardi for the cooler evenings, and let's explore the wonders of autumn by the Murray River.

Get Wild and Free In Nature

Autumn in River Country invites you to step outside and immerse yourself in mother nature’s greatest works of art - the bush, river and expansive wetlands. Take a stroll along the serene river walks at Barham, Moulmein and Gulpa Creek, or venture into the tranquility of Horseshoe Lagoon at Moama. These golden trails are perfect for leisurely walks or biking adventures, allowing you to slow down and savour the beauty of the season. For thrill-seekers, the Five Mile mountain bike track near Moama offers an adrenaline-packed adventure amidst the autumn foliage, traversing the winding bends of the Murray and the surrounding red gum forest.

There's something magical and wholesome about gathering around a crackling campfire on a chilly autumn evening under the great night skies in this part of the world.

Whether it's at Moama Beach, or free camping at Wakool, Benarca, Moulamein River Reserve, Swifts Creek or the Edward River Bridge, these riverside retreats are the perfect backdrop for memory making - relaxing by the water, toasting marshmallows, weaving wild stories or casting a line for some evening or late night fishing. Let the warmth of the fire and the gentle sound of the river soothe your soul as you embrace the simplicity of life here on the Murray.

Before winter arrives, seize the opportunity to enjoy these lovely last months of the river's warmth, gliding along the tranquil waters in a kayak, canoe or on a stand-up paddleboard. These water activities allow you to experience the wonder of the region’s rivers, creeks and surrounding wetlands in a unique way, providing moments of serenity and connection with nature before the colder months set in.

Plan your own river adventure, exploring the spectacular landscapes near Echuca Moama, Mathoura, Barham, Murray Downs or the iconic wetlands at Barmah. For a guided trail, try the Murray River canoe trails in the Murray Valley National Park and the Barmah National Park, or the Edward River Canoe Trail from Mathoura to Deniliquin. Lose yourself in the natural beauty of these incredible river systems and the surrounding river red gum forests. Canoes, kayaks and SUPS are available for hire from operators in many river towns, including Echuca Moama and Barham, and many offer guided trips.

Embrace the Season with Vibrant Events

Autumn in River Country is not just about nature; it's also a time for good vibes and community events. From the traditional Wakool Show to the exhilarating Rich River Rod Run, there's no shortage of activities to enjoy. Join in the Moulmein Fishing Competition, book a ticket to Barham’s flagship music festival River Daze, or pedal through picturesque landscapes during Ride the Murray. These events bring together locals and visitors alike, celebrating the season and fostering a true sense of community spirit.

Whether you’re casting a line, revving engines, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, there’s a sense of camaraderie in River Country that’ll make you feel right at home. You’ll find all the details on our Events Calendar.

Explore Local Treasures

Beyond the riverbanks and scenic trails, River Country is a treasure trove of local produce, and artistic and cultural experiences. Embark on a journey along the Backroads Trail, where you can meet the locals, stock up on fresh produce from farmers' markets or indulge in culinary delights at wineries, olive groves, country pubs and eateries. From farm-fresh goodies to artisanal treats, there’s something to tantalise every taste bud. While you’re exploring the trail by road, be sure to wrap your ears around the Backroads Trail podcast which is the perfect way to delve deeper in the history of this fascinating trail.

Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, riverside relaxation, or community events and celebrations, there's no shortage of experiences to embrace the season. So, pack your bags, lace up your walking boots, and come make some autumn memories with us in River Country.

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