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Contact Buronga

  • , Buronga, 2739, Australia
Noted explorer Captain Charles Sturt and his party were almost certainly the first white men to pass by the future site of Buronga during their historic exploration of the Murray River in the 1830s. After that, an increasing number of Europeans passed through, the majority were overlanders (drovers) taking stock across to the Adelaide markets, but others were pioneering graziers taking up the 'vacant' Crown Land between the Murray and the Lower Darling Rivers. Buronga, as people know it today, was part of the huge Tapio run, formed when the Federal Government decided to formalise lease rights to the land in the 1840s. This area is situated on the Sturt Highway, just five minutes from Mildura. Buronga today is a lovely town, situated right on the banks of the Murray River and is the regions gateway into Victoria.