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Grove & Sculpture Walk at Gooramadda Olives

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Contact Grove & Sculpture Walk at Gooramadda Olives

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A serene walk around the olive and caper groves. Follow the track to the top of the hill and on a clear day you can see the Rutherglen Wine Bottle 14 kilometres away. If you are wishing to relax and picnic at the top of the hill, cheese hampers to go and beverages are available at the cellar door.

This walk is open only on weekends when the cellar door is open. Begin at the cellar door, view the Gate To Nowhere, sit in the three metre high metal Scorpion look for the sting in his tail, check out the Angler Fish with his luminous lure and Kalamutta the metal dog with his bowl of metal bones just near the glass sliding door.

Pop into the cellar door, add your name to the visitors register if you are walking up to the top of the hill. Go out the cellar door and down the ramp along the track to your right. Meander past the caper grove towards the olives trees. When your are ready follow the vehicle track to the top of the hill which overlooks the vines to your right. The hill behind you is Mt Ochtertyre the survey point that Major Mitchell used to find a way across the mighty Murray River in. Enjoy the tranquility.

Closed in shoes required for this walk.


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