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St James Silo Art

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Painted by artist Tim Bowtell, the silos pay tribute to St James rich history.

Not many people know that St James is the home the first Coles store! Sir George Coles grew up in the St James township and took over the St James General Store from his father, expanding it to the empire it is today. See Sir Coles and the original general store portrayed on one of the murals.

The other murals depict St James’ grain transporting history. Before the railway extension in 1886, St James was the drop off point for all the wheat from Tungamah in the North, Warby Range to the East and Yabba to the West. In the 1915-16 season, a record of 405,000 bushels (135,000 bags) of wheat was transported to St James by horse and wagon, a motif that is displayed in the artwork.


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