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Murray Sunsets

15 Dec 2023


We all know how much Murray River folk love their sunsets. That slow burn of yellow, orange, pink and red melting over the calm waters, incredible treetops & beautiful trails and lighting up the evening sky is hard to top.

That's why we’re inviting over on Murray region locals and visitors to get out and about this summer to enjoy a front row sunset seat, and to share your sunset pics with us Instagram.

By doing so, you’ll go into the draw to win a monthly local produce hamper valued at $350 or a BIG4 gift card valued at $500 to be used anywhere across the Murray region.

Head on over to our Instagram to find all the details!

Terms and Conditions can be found below

If you're not sure where the best Summer spots are, read our blog below

River Glow: Summer Sunsets On The Murray

Imagine watching a stunning summer sunset over the Murray River that hangs on the horizon for hours, without having to share it with thousands of others…

This is what sunsets on the Murray River promise: unparalleled access to your own private sunset viewing, where you feel like the only person on earth.

It’s a well-kept secret that the best sunsets in Australia are on the Murray River, but we’re here to lift the veil on this hidden wonder and share some insider knowledge on the very best vantage points to help you make the most of your Murray River sunsets.

The beauty of a falling sun over the Murray is that you can capture it from everywhere and anywhere along our stunning river region. From all the way upstream in Albury Wodonga where a myriad of sunset colours shift over the floodplains from Eastern Hill Rotary Lookout, to downstream vistas at the aptly named Murray Sunset National Park, west of Mildura, where the only thing more impressive than the sunset is the great night sky.

Summer is the ideal time of year to watch a Murray River sunset linger on the horizon, for what feels like an eternity, as the colours shift from deep reds, pinks and oranges to the almost-dark hues of purples and blues that only exist in this part of the world.

There’s something sacred about watching the sun set over the water, especially a body of water as legendary as the Murray. Every bend is different from the last, offering changing views, a new skyline, bigger river red gums and wildlife taking a drink before settling for the night.

Local birds typically herald in the sunsets along the Murray and even if you wanted to make a call on your phone, you wouldn’t be able to hear over the chorus of roosting cockatoo, galah and corellas - it's the chorus of the Murray and we love it.

Position yourself on the bank, cold drink in hand or some takeaway from the local cafe and just look, listen and learn. This is your permission to put life on hold to watch the night sky slowly take over the day. The Murray River is a place where you can see the remnants of the day still hanging in the west sky, long after the sun has set. The summer days are long here, which stretches your holiday to a point where one day feels like two and a week feels like a month.

Murray River Sunset Itinerary

The riverbank is of course, THE place to catch a stunning Murray River sunset, however we would also recommend the following locales:

  • The expansive greens of more than a dozen golf courses along the Murray region are ideal for chasing sunsets. Our long list of award-winning championship golf courses, many of which line the river, will keep you hovering well after the sun dips to share tales of birdies, lost balls and almost-hole-in-ones.
  • Sunset waterskiing - there is no better place to be at sunset than cruising the many bends of the Murray River with the vista shifting at each and every turn.
  • Sunsets on the water - watching the golden glow as the sun drops through the river red gums is a luminous treat whether you're paddling a canoe, kayak, cruising on a stand-up paddle board or on one of our legendary Paddlesteamers - you’ll never forget it!
  • Lawn tennis courts along the Murray are also a unique locale to take in a stunning summer sunset. Our Murray River towns have strategically located public access tennis courts with optimal river and sunset views. Mildura, Echuca, Deniliquin, Barham and Yarrawonga lawn courts come to mind and many of our riverside caravan parks and accommodation offerings prioritise the humble tennis court for both recreation activity and sunset viewing platforms.

Summer Sunset Spots

Sunsets over the Long Paddock

To capture the most stunning sunset, you must head to the northern tip of our Murray Region for the Long Paddock Sunset Viewing area. This unique, and absolutely breathtaking experience of a sunset with a 360-degree uninterrupted view is hard to put into words. It’s praised as THE perfect location for photographers seeking a traditional ‘sundowner’ as the sun slowly melts over the legendary Hay Plains. Located just 16 km north of Hay on the Cobb Highway, the Sunset Viewing area features a Long Paddock information panel and sculptural furniture.

Sunsets over Woomargama National Park

Witness the breathtaking sunset at Woomargama National Park, where, as the sun descends, it casts warm hues over the picturesque landscapes, the park offers a serene setting for camping and wildlife watching. Explore the Hume and Hovell walking track or take in the unsealed routes on foot, 4WD, or mountain bike. Amidst vibrant wildflowers, the lookout promises some of the region's most spectacular sunset vistas. Woomargama National Park invites you to unwind and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the evening sky.

Chasing Sunsets

If you’re chasing sunsets this summer along our Murray River playground be sure to plan your trip so you know where you’ll be at dusk for the ‘magic hour’. Wherever you are, all you need to do is pull out a chair, or picnic rug and watch time stand still as a flaming ball of red gently dips towards the horizon and colours shift from the sunset brightness of yellow, orange and red to gentle hues of dusky purples, pinks and blues.

Access to this unforgettable view varies along the Murray River from riverside picnic areas - many fitted out with green grass and excellent facilities - to rooftop bars and riverside restaurants, to a simple bend on the river or one of hundreds of campsites dotted along its banks. Catching a Murray River sunset will have you catching your breath and is the reason so many visitors return to our calm waters and balmy summer nights. To slow down, reconnect with loved ones and wait for the sun to set over another glorious day spent on the Murray River.